Just a general update here as I’m going to try and get some more posts on here soon. I’ve been fairly busy for close to a year doing contracting work. I may write up some interesting tidbits from that, though I may set up a separate blog for the business to post those. If so, I’m likely to keep the embedded systems/hardware hacking stuff here, and put more job related posts on the business page (Haskell/Yesod/etc).

I’ve added a gallery to this blog, with some equipment pictures and a few pictures from Teardown 2018. Teardown is a new conference put on by the folks over at Crowd Supply. Both the organization and Teardown is focused on open source hardware, and the conference was super fun.

The gallery has competely different styling compared to the rest of the blog, and lacks any links back to the main page. Hopefully I can get that cleaned up soon.

In other news I’ve been playing around with Rust with the hope of using it for some embedded code on STM microcontrollers.